Grumbling Appendix

Grumbling Appendix – Symptoms of Grumbling Appendix

Essential Facts about Grumbling Appendix Symptoms

What is Grumbling Appendix? 
If you are feeling pain in your lower right abdomen just next to your belly button, chances are higher that you are suffering from grumbling appendix or chronic appendicitis. Due to the fact that it happens gradually and may return after a long gap, you might not be able to discern it rightly. Hence, it is better to visit your general practitioner as soon as you realize. Read about appendix location and find out where is your appendix.

How is it caused?
Grumbling appendix may result due to bacterial infection in combination with partial blockage of the appendix. This further causes inflammation and swallowing in the appendix leading to pain and anxiety. However, the process occurs so slowly that it becomes hard to detect in the early stages, even by the common tests.

How does it differ from acute appendicitis?
Irrespective of the inflammation of vermiform appendix that is common in both the form of appendix, acute appendicitis needs prompt medical assistance that may follow by the amputation of appendix. This is unlike chronic appendicitis that can be treated slowly as and when realized. appendix symptoms

Symptoms of Grumbling Appendix
Mild to moderate pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen is the condition that defines grumbling appendix the best, with vomiting and nausea being its other probable symptoms. Sometimes it is not there till weeks, while the other times, it may affect you well within an hour of taking your meals, which is expected to heal up on its own after 3-4 hours. The problem becomes even more intense when the symptoms of chronic appendicitis coincide with health disorders such as constipation, diarrhea along with certain other gastrointestinal conditions. Your GP needs to be highly precise in diagnosing the right disease in such a situation.

Generally, grumbling appendix is best treated with the help of powerful antibiotics since they can lessen down the effect of infection of appendix. Surgical removal of appendix is also a suggested treatment provided that the disease has been diagnosed rightly. Carefully carried out surgery puts an end to the abdominal pains and alongside also puts an end to the threats regarding the attacks of acute appendicitis in the better future.

Preventing Grumbling Appendix
As they say, “prevention is better than cure”, the same holds true in case of chronic appendicitis as well. The foremost tip to avoid the ailment is to have a healthy and balanced diet, better option in this regard would be to consult your doctor. He can not only provide you with a balanced diet chart but will also help you to modify your diet depending on your current health condition. If you are affected with some of the common diseases such as viral fever or stomach pain that last only for few days but come again after a certain gap, speculations are higher that you may be suffering from grumbling pain. Immediate visit to your general practitioner is highly recommended in such a condition as it might help you to prevent acute appendicitis.

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