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appendix locationAppendix Location – Where is My Appendix Located

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Appendix Location: Appendix problem is one of the well-known diseases which you can hear in daily life. It is very common disease in most of the countries. The word Appendix is taken from the idea of supplementary material that is collected and appended at the back of a book; similarly the part appendix in human body gets its name. In case of the books appendix is a helpful thing but here we can take it as a useless thing which can make us worry. The vermiform appendix is located in the right lower part of the stomach. It slowly grows in your body and after sometime it would be so big that anyone can notice it and if you are unfortunate it can burst too. So it is a fatal disease and we should not ignore it.

As Appendix can grow in any part of your body so according to that it has different name. One of the common Appendix is Vermiform Appendix in which some extra things grows in your digestive system, which can make your digestive system very weak and you would not be able to eat spicy and hot food. Left or right auricular Appendix which is related to your heart depending on the fact that which part of the heart is affected by it, whether left or right. Some other types of the Appendix are testis Appendix, epiploic Appendix, mesoappendix, Appendix of laryngeal ventricle. These all are biological term and difficult to understand. Read about appendix location and find out where is your appendix.

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where is my appendix located