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Ways to Prevent Harmful Effects of Appendix Causes, appendix symptoms

Our Appendicitis occurs at any age, at any instance especially when our appendix isn’t properly taken care of or given due importance. Based on statistics, Appendicitis affects almost 6% of the population ranging from 10-30 years of ages. Very old and very young people must be the ones who shall give proper attention to the appendix because they are the ones who are most subject and prone to higher complications. Read about appendix location and find out where is your appendix.

Our appendix is considered one of the vestigial organs in our body, meaning it has no utterly important function. Even experts aren’t sure what the appendix is for. But based on Charles Darwin’s theory, the appendix might be an important organ used during our ancestors’ period since what they are eating is purely hard to digest food. Appendix seemed to be an environment for bacteria and acted as fighter for infection. Though nowadays, the appendix seemed to be of no
use just a storage of unwanted bacteria in which resulted from digestion. Though it seemed like that, when our appendix has become infected, this will cause a disease that is hard to cure and takes due and proper medication.

Swollen, filled with pus and inflamed appendix causes appendicitis. Appendix is located on the right side of our abdomen and connected to the colon. At first, you’ll feel some sort of stomach ache. Gradually, the pain starts to intensify in the lower right part of the abdomen which is known as the McBurney Point. The symptoms are usually seen and felt as increasing pain and painful sneezing or coughing. On the extreme cases, appendix causes are characterized by vomiting and nausea, diarrhea or constipation, inability to pass gas (to fart) and loss of appetite. Other symptoms also include urinary tract infection.

To prevent appendix causes, medical help must be given in the first symptom or experience of appendicitis (symptoms mentioned above). Proper amount of fiber intake contained on right diets are the best solution to prevent appendix causes. It is proven when the countries with higher amount of fibers in their diets are effected are compared with low fibered countries. This showed that fiber intake from the food we eat affects appendix causes. This is because the fiber helps the stool to be more filtered and is less likely to be trapped in the appendix.

Improper utilization of our appendix causes appendicitis. It can even result to more frequent complication such as perforation. This causes a thing called periappendiceal abscess or a collection of infected pus. It can also result to diffuse peritonitis or the infection of the entire lining of the abdomen and the pelvis. This is all due to delayed diagnosis and treatment. That’s why it’s better to consult a doctor the first symptom you might experience.  Blockage of the intestine is also a complication on the intestine but it occurs less frequently compared to the periappendiceal abscess and diffuses peritonitis.

Blockage in the intestine causes inflammation in the area surrounding the appendix and causes the muscles in the intestine to stop working. Because of this, intestinal contents are prevented from passing.

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